About Us

At The Chocolate Counter we have created a range of delicious and healthier chocolate alternatives. It is our mission to continuously deliver premium chocolate creations which can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of dietary requirements - and without compromising health.

We have combined the goodness of Coconut Water, Cocoa, Fibre, Pea Protein and Chicory Root to create mind-blowing  chocolate blocks. Our lactose-free, soy-free and gluten-free recipe perfectly suits many diets., while still achieving the flavour, smoothness and creaminess of traditional chocolate.

Our range is naturally sweetened using delightful, nectarous Monk Fruit - eliminating the need to add any refined sugar whatsoever. 

The Chocolate Counter has been carefully crafted using premium ingredients  to create a variety of decadent Dark and Mylk Chocolate flavours that suit all tastes and preferences.

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